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What is f0CUS?

F0CUS is an innovative work and asset management platform which works with you to increase efficiency across your contracts. With its modular design, the system can be configured to your exact needs, each module working both independently yet also together to give you the right data at the right time.

How it started

Our “F0CUS System” dates back to 1992, when a small utilities company called ARM based in the United Kingdom, carrying out work on behalf of BT recognised the need for a system to control the activity of hundreds of operatives doing thousands of jobs on a vast number of assets from a central location. It was identified that, to make sure that the right job was done by the right people, in the right place at the right time and subsequently ensuring that the correct value of the works was recorded, and payment made without dispute, a system needed to be developed.

This requirement spawned what became known as “WorkManager,” the forerunner of our “F0CUS” system and is still in use today in a number of Tier One contracting companies.

With ARM’s success and continued growth both organically and with acquisitions they became listed on the AIM stock market and renamed Enterprise plc, and at that time were the largest Utilities and Local Authority contractor in the UK.

The F0CUS predecessor enabled Enterprise plc to win work in the Local Authority sectors of StreetWorks, Highways management, Waste, Parks and Gardens and the largest Housing Maintenance contract in the UK for the MOD.

With the experience gained from the above the current Senior Leadership team at TSS who have over some 150 years’ experience of designing, developing, and using software to control WAMS type work, have evolved the system to its current day capabilities.

What makes us different?

What sets F0CUS apart from any other supplier in this marketplace, is F0CUS is a lived experience. F0CUS is a product that has been developed out of “doing the job”, “understanding the issues”, “dealing with the problems” and “handling the pain”.

We are also different to our peers in so far as our clients can liaise directly with the decision makers within the company, who can resolve any issues as and when they arise.

F0CUS is not a product designed and developed by a software company with an arm’s length relationship to a market, but a product that grew in the UK from a software system created by a small utilities company that grew into a billion-pound turnover company carrying out the majority of its works on large frameworks for the public sector (Local Authorities, MOD, Utility Companies Etc).

The system is constantly being developed to include for the thousand of the F0CUS users to also allow for innovation and specific client requirements, and therefore making it a market leading solution for forward thinking organisations.

F0CUS Key Modules

Order Management

The order management module eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets and ‘Off System’ records, allowing users to store order details safely and securely. It’s customisable, allowing you to add new fields and ensure you can store all the data you require.  The reinstatement module links here to allow recording of notice and reinstatement level detail.

Document Management

Ensure that relevant, non-system data is stored alongside orders and schemes with the Document Management module. Compatible with a wide range of document management structures for seamless integration into any organisation, the document management system includes email integration to ensure that documents can be added to the system from wherever you are.


Enhancing the base functionality of the Order Management module, the Planning module introduces configurable order statuses, task level planning, mobile integration and real-time operative reporting. Keep all relevant personnel up-to-date with defined ‘storyboards’ that includes checkpoints and automated responses.


Underpinning the entire F0CUS platform are the dedicated reporting servers, enabling users to report on data from all modules effectively and efficiently. Reports are fully customisable, allowing for every requirement: from customisable dashboards, through to line reports for detailed data analysis, and Enhanced Analytics for complex multi-source datasets.

Commercial Management

Improve the commercial and finance processes of a contract using the Commercial Management module. This module allows you to implement functions and controls related to cost and value recognition, change management, billing and supply chain payments.  If you use the Job Costing module you can implement processes and reporting allowing granular level management of contract costs.

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Benefits of using f0cus

F0CUS offers many advantages to businesses who use this innovative work and asset management platform, including...


F0CUS can be enabled to interact with our mobile solution, enabling users to capture data in the field and prevent double keying.


Built from the ground up, with a modular design that means that it can be scaled to suit any task.


Although each module works independently, they are interlinked with seamless and secure data transfer for real-time information.


The user-friendly interface allows for a fast and efficient workflow that can save both time and money on any project.

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