Posted: 29 August 2023

Our commitment to support young carers and children continues with this recent donation to Child Action Northwest.

A total of 10 laptops have been donated to combat #digitalpoverty to ensure that children in the north west can continue their education and develop their skills to the same level as their peers.

Digital technology is so vital for young carers to access support and helps to break down any barriers to access to avoid any hindrance to developing and supporting these amazing young people who dedicate their time and love in caring for family members, as well as for their young carers service to enable access to support young people in their caring roles, connectivity with professionals, access to respite care services and other any support they require.

Pictured below: Josh Wilkinson our software developer and Georgia Murphy – Fundraising and Events Lead for CANW.

To see the brilliant work CANW do for the community, check out their website below:


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