Posted: 19 March 2024

Exciting news from TSS! We are thrilled to announce we have had our Cyber Essentials accreditation recertified!

Cyber Essentials is a significant framework for any company, regardless of size or industry, aiming to protect itself from a vast array of the most common cyber attacks. Here’s why it’s important for a company to have:

  1. **Risk Reduction**: By adhering to Cyber Essentials standards, a company can mitigate the risk of falling victim to a wide range of cyber threats. The guidance helps in securing internet connection, devices, and software, reducing the company’s vulnerability.
  1. **Building Trust with Customers**: Having Cyber Essentials certification can enhance trust between a company and its customers. It signals that the company takes cybersecurity seriously and is committed to protecting customer data.
  1. **Compliance and Competitive Advantage**: In some sectors, having Cyber Essentials certification is a prerequisite for bidding on government contracts. Moreover, it can provide a competitive edge in the private sector, as it demonstrates a commitment to cybersecurity.
  1. **Financial Protection**: Cyber attacks can be costly, not just in terms of the immediate financial impact but also due to the long-term damage to a company’s reputation. Implementing Cyber Essentials can save a company from potential financial disasters by preventing many common cyber attacks.
  1. **Foundational Security Practices**: The Cyber Essentials scheme focuses on foundational IT security practices that are crucial for every company. It covers aspects such as secure configuration, access control, malware protection, and patch management.
  1. **Simplified Approach**: For many organizations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity can be daunting. Cyber Essentials provides a clear and manageable set of controls that can serve as a solid foundation for further security measures.
  1. **Regulatory Alignment**: Following Cyber Essentials guidelines can help companies in aligning with broader regulatory requirements, such as GDPR in the EU/UK, by demonstrating that they have taken steps to secure personal data against cyber threats.

In essence, Cyber Essentials is not just about avoiding the negatives associated with cyber threats; it’s also about leveraging cybersecurity as a positive force to build trust, improve business processes, and open up new opportunities.

Why TSS?

At TSS, we have over a century in experience working within the Infrastructure Sector. We always strive to:

  • Act with integrity.
  • Provide the highest standards of service.
  • Promote trust and transparency.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Take responsibility and be accountable.

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