Posted: 30 March 2020

Working from home but staying in control. F0CUS is our in house developed work management platform, capable of managing all operational and commercial aspects of your project.  Available on the web, and with a dedicated companion mobile app the system will ensure that you have accurate and timely reports from solid data.

The recent shift in working practices brings previously unforeseen issues to us all, primarily surrounding the fragmented management environment that we are having to transition to.  As you may be aware, we have invested heavily over the past few years in our own work management platform, F0CUS.  So far, we have used this successfully on a number of contracts, both within our own and our clients businesses.  To that end we have created a video showcasing the major points of the software, including order and task management, planning, commercial management, and reporting.  Our in house team have spent a great deal of time ensuring that the system captures everything needed to administer and manage a contract remotely, and without paper.  In addition, the system is hosted in Microsoft data centres and comes with a segregated area for your data, and redundancies for business continuity as standard.

With F0CUS, you are in control of your business.  The reporting suite combines elements from all the modules to give a single version of the truth – Giving you the confidence to make good business decisions from reliable and timely data!

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