Posted: 12 January 2023

Key Facts

Project Synopsis

We provided United Utilities (UU) with a robust, proactive cost and commercial management solution. Using F0CUS, our work management system, we facilitated robust reviews and reporting for order applications, contract performance, and financial performance.

TSS provided eight full-time team members to facilitate this process. Providing ongoing support, we seamlessly integrated with UU’s systems within 6 weeks. Demonstrating our ability to develop a bespoke solution, we built custom elements for UU’s system, including:

  • Dedicated interfaces with client and supplier systems
  • Custom payment processes
  • Enhanced compliance module
  • Bespoke reporting

Key aspects of our support included:

  • Capturing commercial data
  • Variation management
  • Supply chain certification and payments
  • Interfacing with supplier systems to share image and field data
  • Automated daily reporting
  • Order verification

Scope of Works 

Our primary responsibilities included managing data flows related to:

  • Work promotion
  • Order management
  • Commercial activities.

Collaborating with UU and its four supply Partners, interfacing F0CUS with five separate work management systems. UU anticipated 88,000 orders per annum and £69 million spend.

Overcoming Challenges

Ensuring UU’s Partners complied with the requirement for photographic evidence for payments to be made, we integrated an automated process to scan photo attachments into F0CUS.
This streamlined the record-keeping process and facilitated on-time payments.


For this contract, we:

  • Reviewed 100% of 25,848 orders
  • Re-valued 3,269 orders, generating £1,634,610 in savings
  • Assessed 186 consequential damage orders, reducing costs by 17.5%
  • Closed off all accounts within 10 months, 4 months ahead of schedule


TSS provided the highest-quality outcomes supported by the innovative F0CUS platform. Engaged at short notice, TSS provided a dedicated team of 8. They helped create a transparent and collaborative approach to all commercial activities.

Sinead Maguire,
United Utilities – Commercial Manager

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