Posted: 1 April 2019

TSS have provided multi-discipline services to Amey for their Highways England (HE) framework for facilities maintenance (FM) services. These services included Project management, Site Management, Principal Designer and Quantity Surveyor services.

The Amey FM contract is responsible for the management and maintenance of all Highways Maintenance contracts across England and Wales with over 50 individual sites under their control including regional control centres (RCC), outstations and HE operational depots.

Highways England have invested significantly into their RCC’s and infrastructure over the past ten years, this includes new RCCs in strategic locations on the motorway network to rationalise the provision of operational control resources and traffic officers. One of these key locations is the North East RCC in Calder Park Wakefield. Calder park is a bespoke facility that manages the motorway and high-speed road Network across the East coast of UK including Traffic Officers and the operational control centre.

TSS were employed by Amey to formulate a project plan, develop the specification requirements, liaise with the project designer and oversee all aspects of tender and delivery of replacement un-interrupted power sources (UPS) systems for the whole building with replacement air conditioning units to the on-site data room. This project was required due to an exceeded life expectancy of both the cooling units in the equipment rooms and also its UPS’s.

The original design included the replacement of six cooling units with roof located inverters and the construction of a new room for 2 number replacement UPS systems.

Services TSS provided from conception through to completion for this defined package of work consisted of:

  • Pre-site and site investigations to support the design process
  • Technical support
  • Design Evaluation
  • Tender Management, Evaluation and award
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Commercial Management and QS services
  • Project Cost control
  • Site Management

Being engaged from early conception stages, TSS were key influencers in the project plan, management of stakeholders including key strategic suppliers of Highways England motorway control and data systems, creating a robust environment of auditable process and quality assurance.

At the earliest stages of the project, a risk register was developed in conjunction with the multiple stakeholders, this risk register was shared and updated throughout and was used to identify and mitigate project risks at all stages of works. These risks included Safety, Operational and Commercial.

During the design process, TSS identified an opportunity that would minimise the power outage within the control centre, therefore mitigating the risk to the Highways England RCC of transfer of operational services to another regional RCC. The alternative design was proposed, verified and agreed through a series of review consultation meetings with senior figures from HE and agreed to be significantly beneficial to all partners in both outcome and risk reduction.

Identifying risks at project, programme level and provision of formal registers assures confidence in both cost and programme underpinned by TSS’s RICS regulated status.

A key risk identified with successful mitigation was the multiple data systems in the equipment room and the rebooting process required during the changeover of the UPS systems’.  Although primarily Mechanical and Electrically based, through the liaison and strict planning of system owners such as the West Yorkshire Police and Highways Agency Traffic Management Systems (HATMs), all key

Highways control systems were systematically powered down and rebooted successfully with no service affecting loss of continuity.

This was the first RCC of seven that require replacement UPS systems and was deemed to be the most complex with the addition of HVAC cooling replacement and 5-year electrical testing. Upon completion the client Alistair Thompson (Estates Programme Manager Highways England) stated;

“Thank you to all those involved in this project. It was complex, not just because of trying to do HVAC & UPS & electrical testing, but also due to the concerns & risks that had the potential to disrupt operations & impact the SRN.”

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